North Ormesby Community Land Trust


Rent and Refurbishment scheme


North Ormesby Community Land Trust are very pleased to announce that we have been successful in winning a tender from Middlesbrough Council to manage their Rent and Refurbishment grant scheme.


This will mean that the CLT will be responsible for the lettings, management and supervision of around 30 plus private properties in the Middlesbrough area for the next 5 years.


Business Development Manager; Mr Alan J Mackay says " This is fantastic news for the CLT and for the community of North Ormesby in the long run. We are able to  secure employment for our current staff and hopefully expand on this over the next five years.  We have gone from an idea for community housing a year ago to now owning 6 Properties outright, 7 Landlord owned private properties and now this project.


Our thanks should be directed to Big Local for their financial assistance in getting the CLT started.  Now the real works starts."


More Information on this scheme can be obtained from Peter Brewer or Nicola Norman at Middlesbrough Council on (01642) 729389.

MHM Tenants and clients: 0800 085 1720 24/7

Mental Health and Well Being Support


North Ormesby Community Land Trust have launched a new mental health and wellbeing support service for all of our tenants who require it. The service will also be available to all members of the community across North Ormesby.


The CLT is working in partnership with a Nation Mental Health Provider, Mental Health Matters, who will provide the day to day support. They will also make available an out of hours service which can also be used to report faults, damage to properties or any other information relevant to a tenancy.


The service will be managed by an experienced and fully qualified mental health support manager Ms Karen Larry, with part time local support staff arriving later in the year.



Contact Information

Phone:  01642 909840


Address:  34 Market Place, North Ormesby TS3 6HR

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